Buying A Projector For Your Home Cinema?

home electronics reviewsIn this guide I go through what is good to know when you´re about to buy a home theater projector. I discuss the respective merits of projectors.

Advantages of Buying a Projector

Home Theater:

A projector is an excellent choice if you want a real cinematic feel at home because, unlike CRT TVs, Plasma TV, or LCD TV reflects the image which is easy on the eyes. You do not get tired of looking at a projector for a prolonged time in the sane way as if you’re watching on a standard TV. The projector is much smoother than the most televisions. The other huge advantage that a projector has compared to a television is that you can expand the picture size to very large sizes without paying exorbitant amounts of money. Most projectors can project images to a size up to 200 inches and a few even 350 inches. If you buy a plasma TV its insanely expensive at sizes over 50 inches. LCD televisions today can get larger in size than 50 inches and prices are dropping as I write this. But, they still fall short compared to a projector when it comes to size. Personally I use a Epson eh-tw5200 at the moment.

Public use :

Many public users today need sizes that you can not get with anything but a projector. Certainly there are plasma television sets larger than 100 inches but they are often so expensive that you can not justify the cost in comparison with a projector. In school settings and other educational activities, there is now additionally a fantastic tool called SMART board and they require you to have a projector to use your interactive whiteboard.

Disadvantages of the projector compared to LCD and Plasma televisions

In particular, operating costs. The projection lamp wears and you can never really expect it to last more than three years. If it does you’re in luck. Power consumption wise, the projector is somewhere in between a low-power LCD televisions and a Plasma televisions. In addition, of course, you´ll need a certain room size for you to be able to use a projector fully with a party size image. The price of the projector depends on quality and will range from hundreds to several thousands or more for the absolute best. You will also need a projection screen which should be of decent quality, and possibly a tripod, if needed. But if you are a true film lover and also have an empty wallet, a projector is absolutely the best choice. If you´re thinking of just using the projector as a TV maybe you should think again because it takes quite a long time to start up the projector, and today the quality and cost of a plasma and LCD TV is better than ever. I use the Panasonic TC-P65VT60 in addition to my projector.

Advantages of Electric Shavers

Electric shavers have either a rotating head (like Panasonic) – circular blades that rotate behind round protection – or foil (like Braun) – blades that move back and forth in one or more flexible metal blade(s). A shavers rotary head is used in a rotary motion over the face, with a foil you move up and down.

The foil need to be replaced quite often, a shaver with a rotary head can last for years. Both types can have adjustable settings as to how near the skin one wants to shave .

An electric shaver has its advantages. You do not have to wet your face, you can shave almost anywhere, and if you´re not manic and drive across the face repeatedly with the shaver, you can not burn or cut yourself on it.

The drawbacks? Electrical shavers are more expensive, and whatever you read or see on television, men with heavy beards never get as clean-shaven with electric shavers as if they had wet shaved with a traditional razor blade. Visit The Clean Shave for reviews and comparisons on electric shavers.

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A few tips:

- Shave against the grain and do not press the shaver too hard against the skin.
- If the shaver gets hot and you have sensitive skin, shave the delicate parts first before it has time to get too warm.
- Dry and thus more fragile hairs are better suited to the electric shaver blades than wet shaving .
- If you change from one brand to another or from wet shave to dry shave, give the face time to get used to it. It may take a couple of weeks before your new shaver start to work well on your face,

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